Listing Management

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What you will see is a list of your business information, right or wrong, as it appears on local search sites all over!

This can be fixed.

Listing Management and Location Search Optimization

With our Listing Management Service, supported by the PowerListing technology from Yext, the leader in listing optimization services, you can automatically update and enhance your business listings from one dashboard. Phone numbers, hours, photos and special offers can all be updated and customized for each network from one location.

Seeing is believing…watch the video below for more information on how the technology works.

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Contact us to get a quote on service. Please be sure to include the number of physical locations you need to manage and your best guess on whether you want to handle working the listing dashboard yourself or you want us to provide that service.

Make your listings stand out with custom features and accurate information.  Get found!

Listing Management and Location Search Optimization by Blade Hewlett.