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BladeHewlett specializes in marketing project management consulting for organizations who have been directing more and more of their energy into projects rather than routine operations.  Short term or long term recurring projects involving marketing, communication, product development, customer experience and process or change management reflect our core competencies.

Define.  Target.  Communicate.

ManagementProject management by BladeHewlett.

  •  Project stakeholders
  • Evolving expectations


  • Execution of new company projects and initiatives
  • Investigates, analyzes and recommends solutions for client implementation issues, including on-site visits as necessary


  • Resolve complex and interdependent activities
  • Analytical problem solving abilities


  • Internal and external; both written and verbal


  • Scope
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Policy
  • Efficiencies

The BladeHewlett team is often tasked with the responsibility of driving business results through the successful management of multiple marketing projects requiring excellent communication, evaluation and planning skills.

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BladeHewlett can help DEFINE your marketing project.  TARGET the goals. COMMUNICATE with stakeholders.

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